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The Hump Exploration Club Ltd. found in 2006, and registered as a limited company in HK in 2012, specializes in outdoor skills training, include mountaineering, caving and air sports, exploration tours, event management and adventure facility development.




We are the leading company in mountain and caving rescue training in China, our partners including APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors), Rescue Reserved Army in China, corporations, schools, small groups, etc.


駝峰航線探險俱樂部有限公司(駝峰航線)專業於戶外探險,包括山水戶外活動、探洞、飛行活動;探險團、戶外賽事及活動組織、設備建設等。我們擁有豐富的山地及洞穴救援經驗。2006年成立於中國貴州,2012年於香港註冊為有限公司,至今,我們的合作伙伴包括APPI (滑翔傘飛行員及教練協會), 中國救援預備役、企業、學校、及各種團體等。

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The para-fly in Guizhou book mark is out now!!


“Light Up Miao Chamber – 照亮苗廳”



2015年4月12-16日,駝峰航線探險隊聯同法國洞穴聯盟專家及專業洞穴攝影師,一行十四人,進入苗廳進行拍攝工作,並名為 : 照亮苗廳。

Dec 1 - 5 TWG Service Trip in Guizhou

Volunteer Service Trip to Guizhou

15 youth volunteers from TWG 東華三院 visited to Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, in this 5 days of service, the volunteers served in a primary school where are Dong ethnic kids and they played the famous Dong songs, then they home visited the Dong families and learnt their cultures, the most valuable thing was the meeting with a legend, Mr Wu, who is the heir of the treasurable Dong Lute Songs (晚寨侗族琵琶歌) which is the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (聯合國非物質文化遺產), and we leanrt a song from him!!

 — at Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture.

Nov 14-20 Rope Rescue Summit 

This is our 1st Rope Rescue Summit in Guizhou, thanks very much for Eric and Carlos of French Caving Federation and French Cave Rescue Federation to be our technical consultants, we also thanks for the Government of Qingzhen City, Guizhou (貴州省清鎮市) to offer the cave and cliff for us to set up the rescue system. The 7-day Summit contained the theory course, practical in day and night time, 20 experienced cavers from all over China joined the Summit, they learnt and shared the experience. We look forward to seeing you guys again next year! all over China joined the Summit, they learnt and shared the experience. We look forward to seeing you guys again next year!

Oct 20  News report about the caving exploration in HaiYang, Guizhou @ Guiyang Evening News

10月20日    貴陽晚報報導駝峰探險隊在貴州開陽進行洞穴探險

Oct 12 -  BYD 比亞廸公司 Media Team Outreach - Cannoying  


Tandem Paragliding in The Hump Paragliding

The Hump Paragliding locates at ZangKejiang (牂牁江湖畔), in LiuPanShiu (六盤水市), it provides tandem paragliding for people who wants to fly and to get the bird's-eye-view of the beautiful lake. The Hump Paragliding also provides flying courses for beginners and intermediate pilots 


Russian BASE Jump Tour in Guizhou, Sept 13-21

4 young BASE Jumpers from Moscow, Russia came to Guizhou for BASE Jump, the Club organised the tour and the 1st stop was Belinghe Bridge (埧陵河大橋) located in Anshun (安順), the height is 375m, which is the 3rd hightest bridge in the world.

The 2nd stop is ZhengKejiang (牂牁江湖畔), in LiuPanShiu (六盤水市), that we wanted to try the BASE Jump from Tandem Paragliding, due to the weather, we didn't make it, but we did a pleasure tandem flight and sole flight in this beautiful lake.

Then we visited 3 more bridges, the names are 北盤江特大橋, 馬岭沒河大橋, and 北盤江大橋, however, there were no place for landing as there were between the deep valley and the water in the river was fast moving after heavy rain of the previous week.

After that, we went to QingZhen (清鎮市) where has 2 bridges which are under construction, one is railway bridge and the other is highway bridge, the jumpers tried the highway bridge coz there has a good landing area, the bridge is about 170m.

Then, we went to a 380m cliff in AuHe (凹河), the jumpers tried the windsuit fly which broke their record of the lowest exit point for windsuit.

On the last day of the trip, we visited 2 caves nearby and it also was another wonderful experiences for the jumpers.

We are happy to have David Arrufat, President of APPI Education System and Master Instructor of APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) to come to China for the first time to validate APPI pilots in China, and to give SIV course. Also to conduct a Tandem workshop for 25-30 licensed paragliding instructors. 

We are also happy to announce that The Hump Paragliding School is set up in Guizhou, it will provide paragliding course, validation, tandem flights. For more detail, please visit :

July 30 - Aug 7    Rescue Mission in KaiYang, Guizhou.

The accident happened on July 30, The rescue mission called from the state government to invite The Hump Rescue Team to the coal mine in Kai Yang (開陽) where is 180 km from Guiyang, the accident happened on July 30 when there were 17 coal-mine workers and engineers entered the mine to measure a cave gallery, a massive area of the roof in the cave gallery collapsed and 5 people were found dead, 6 survivors escaped and reported the accident, while another 6 people were still being trapped inside, alive was yet unknown. The Hump Rescue Team sent 7 team members to the mine but they needed the coal-mine workers to open a new channel to access the accident place because the original one has been damaged. The Rescue Team tried to find pitches nearby but were not successfully access to the accident, and finally, the coal-mine workers opened a new channel to access, Li Ming Song, the leader of the Rescue Team leading the team to enter the accident place and found the gallery has been largely damaged and bodies not found, it is identify that all the missing people were being buried under the collapse rocks. The Rescue Mission ends on Aug 7.


The Hump Rescue Team and The Hump Exploration Club send our condolence to their families and friends. R.I.P.

July 22-26        5-day Rescue Training in Ah Ba, Sichuan  

7月22-26日      駝峰救援隊在四川阿埧州進行為期五天的救援培訓

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