The Hump Exploration Club organizes exploration travel programs in China and overseas for small groups, schools, NGOs, private sectors, etc. We also provide English guides, exploration gears and tents. Min 2 to go, trips are normally 3-10 days, but can be longer if requested.


駝峰航線 按客戶要求及探險地點,設計3-15 天不同主題之國內戶外探險路線,可按客戶要求加長日數。我們的客戶有團體、學校、志願機構、企業等。另,我們提供英文導遊及探險裝備等。


We have customized great itineraries including Base Jumping, Paragliding, Cultural Exchange, Volunteering, and Photo-taking.




Not ALL our trips are that tough, however, we have soft adventure eco tours that bring you close to the Mother Nature, river journeys and trips that are a great way to spend a weekend bonding with friends and families under the stars.




Our focus is to provide a safe, fun exploration travel holiday experience that combines the history, culture, and best exploration locations of a particular region.




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