We are happy to have David Arrufat, President of APPI Education System and Master Instructor of APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) to come to China for the first time to validate APPI pilots in China, and to give SIV course. Also to conduct a Tandem workshop for 25-30 licensed paragliding instructors. 


We are also happy to announce that The Hump Paragliding School is set up in Guizhou, it will provide paragliding course, validation, tandem flights. For more detail, please visit :

The Hump Club provides Tandem service, our experienced tandem pilot will let you have an unforgetable flying experiences.



We provide customized tour services for air sportsmen from all over the world coming to China, services include customized tour, english guides, car rental and driver.



We also provide beginners pilot training course.



Other services 其他服務 :

- Air sports competitions (organise national & international pilots and SIV pilots of Paragliding, Motor-Paragliding, Base Jumping, delta-wingairplane, and Small helicopter for performance.) 賽事組織 (安排國內外空中運動員及特技運動員進行各種花式表演,包括滑翔傘、動力滑翔傘、跳傘、三角翼、小型直昇機等)

- Aerial Filming & Aerial Survey 航空拍攝 、廣告拍攝、影視拍攝、空中勘測、空中勘察等

- Opening Ceremoney Celebrations in the air開業慶典

- Wedding in the air 空中婚禮

- Paragliding gear retail 器材推廣和销售(動力傘,滑翔傘)


駝峰航線擁有先進輕便的設備進行: 房地産樓盤鳥瞰拍攝, 觀光景點鳥瞰廣告片,

高速公路及政府立交橋效果片, 森林防火拍攝, 電影高空特殊效果片段等等.

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